For centuries Europeans have been using flat weave bath towels. Inspired by the trousseau tradition of carefully selected heritage linens, each item has a red embroidered number to mark each style. This first unique collection of all white heirloom cotton towels have an almost monastical spirit that will bring an understated luxury to your home.
Made in Italy in the south East region of Puglia by a small family owned business that has been producing textiles for generations.
Washing only increases the luxuriousness of this timeless classic. Soft, durable, absorbent and quick drying.

Style No. 1 

Using a simple basketweave paired with a traditional textile design gives a modern twist to this otherwise Classic Italian design.

100% Egyptian cotton made in Italy

Style No. 2

A modern take on a traditional design that has been passed down through generations. 

100% Egyptian cotton made in Italy

Style No. 1 Napkin

Simple flat weave cotton with just a hint of traditional jacquard.

100% Egyptian cotton made in Italy