Bassett Hyde is the inspiration of stylist and world traveler Beverley Hyde, whose passion is to seek out artisanal creations throughout Europe and North America and develop modern designs using traditional techniques. The knowledge and expertise needed to produce heritage products is supported and preserved through Bassett Hyde Designs


In a world that is changing at a rapid pace, Bassett Hyde is not seduced or overly concerned with trends or fads, instead focuses on classic, timeless designs passed down through generations. Often carefully selected designs are updated to give a fresh modern look without compromising the original design or historical significance.                                             

While traveling in Puglia, Italy, Beverley was introduced to a local family that have been producing traditional woven textiles since the 1940s. Inspired by their expert heritage craftsmanship and Beverley’s passion for rich textiles and the trousseau tradition of carefully selected linens   Basset Hyde was created. 


Since then new additions have been added to Bassett Hyde designs.  New additions include a bath towel collection, made of 100% pure Irish heritage linen dating back to the late 1800s. A vintage and limited edition section have also been added.

Photography by Patricia Heal