Linen and cotton towels have been used in royal palaces, grand country homes and villas throughout Europe for centuries. Dripping in heritage, our range of heirloom towels have a monastical spirit that will bring an understated luxury into your home. Inspired by the Trousseau tradition of carefully-selected linens passed down through generations, our linens will last for years to come.

Bassett Hyde towels are durable, lightweight, fast-drying, absorbent, and environmentally friendly. Whether you choose our Royal Irish linen, dating back to the 1800’s, or the Puglia collection from a small family-owned business still using the same traditional techniques for almost a century, wrap and indulge yourself in the sensual pleasure of your personal sanctuary. 

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Style No. 1

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Style No. 2

from 65.00
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Style No. 3

from 65.00
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Style No. 4

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Style No. 1 Napkin

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Saint - Malo